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Available to Golf Courses and certain companies / individuals who promote or offer Golf Travel

This is a unique marketing opportunity for companies or individuals that currently offer or promote golf trips / golf vacations / golf tee times / stay & play golf packages. In other words, this opportunity will be available to golf courses, golf resorts and hotels, travel agencies and local or regional tourism agencies private or government that promote golf trips to their area. If unsure if you qualify submit the form below complete with your website address and we will review and advise.

This opportunity is limited to services offered within all of the United States / Canada / Bahamas, Bermuda / Caribbean including Cuba / Mexico.

Upon consideration and acceptance of your company and your offering, will provide the following at no charge and with the understanding that we do not charge nor collect any commissions on any sales that are made as a result of your promotion on our site:

There are certain conditions and requirements that we ask in order to approve you as a marketing partner and provide the free feature page and advertising.

Conditions of acceptance as a marketing partner include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The Marketing Parnter is a bona fide and legally operating business entity with the legal right to make the offer or offers outlined in the feature page.
  2. The Marketing Parnter must have a complete and fully operational website for the business or service promoted on
  3. The offer promoted in the feature page must contain a price or pricing for each offer.
  4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CONDITION: The package deal or special promotion that is advertised must be exclusively available to visitors of In other words, we are asking you to design and offer a promotion exclusively for in exchange for this free promotion and the exact offer cannot be available anywhere else.
  5. This is important as we will begin promoting the fact that has golf and travel offers not available anywhere else!
  6. Keep in mind that any bookings or sales made are made directly with the Marketing Partner. We do not act as a middle man and we never charge nor collect any commissions or sales fees.
  7. The package deal designed for the feature page may include almost any type of offer that will be unique to our viewers. For example it could be a special price, or it may include some type of benefit (free meal at your club with every 18 holes played / discount on hotel rates / etc)
  8. If unsure, submit a proposal and we will review and advise.
  9. Your customer does not have to book a charter flight through our site to qualify for your special offer. The customer only needs to advise that he is booking the special offer advertised through the website.
  10. The feature page should include instructions on how to book your package. You may want to include a Special Booking Code which customers would use to ensure they receive the special offer. You will need to include dates by which the package must be booked and dates by which travel or tee times must be used or taken.
  11. We will provide a form that will make it easy to quickly and conveniently submit all the details for the feature page. We will design and set it up all at no cost.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse any application for Marketing Partnership

Why We Make This Free Marketing Offer is made up of a network of professional air charter services located all across North America. These Air Charter companies pay us a fee to be represented on our website. Our revenue stream is derived through our Charter Flight Network.

The purpose of our website is to encourage the use of Golfer Friendly Charter Flights to more than 5000 destinations across the USA / Canada / Bahamas and Caribbean. Golfers or business travelers who wish to save time and fly to their destination by charter flight, can book their flight directly with the air charter companies listed on our site. We also provide our Charter Network members with qualified charter leads based on flight inquiries received directly through our website.

It is to our advantage to offer golf and travel package deals that are unique to our website. This increases website traffic which in turn benefits not only members of our Charter Flight Network but participating golf travel marketing partners such as yourselves.

A prospective golf group may view the Special Offer made by our marketing partners and they may decide to fly to the destination by charter flight or they may take a scheduled flight and in some cases they may even drive. We do not dictate how they travel in order to qualify for any special offer advertised on our website.

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If you would like to get started with our Marketing Partnership please complete and submit the following form. We will take a look at your website and if you meet our requirements, we will email you the information to submit details for your feature page. We will work with you in every step of the way in designing and setting up your feature page. Your feature page will not go live until you have reviewed and approved.

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More About reaches a very specific market comprised primarily of business executives, professionals and individuals who travel frequently for business and vacation. Although our website visitors come from various walks of life - the one thing they all have in common is the enjoyment of golf.

The main theme of our website is the promotion of Golfer Friendly Charter Flights to destinations across Canada, USA, Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean. The majority of our website visitors are busy professionals who put a high value on time. When it comes to travel for business or vacation - their time is particularly sensitive and they cannot afford to waste time in airport terminals or endure the hassles of intrusive security checks, lost baggage or frequent plane changes just to get where they are going. simplifies business and vacation travel by allowing clients to fly direct to their destination according to their schedule. Changing planes is never an issue and baggage and expensive golf clubs always stay with the passenger. Passengers avoid the crowds of mega airport terminals with departures and arrivals from private charter terminals where lineups for security checks are never encountered.

We demonstrate how Comfortable, Convenient and Affordable it is for a group of golfers to fly Golfer Friendly Charter flights direct to their destination. For example a group of 4 golfers can split the air charter costs and in many cases wind up spending only slightly more than they would with a business class airline ticket. Since a large percentage of our audience are executives, business owners and high net worth individuals we find that many of them are expanding their use of these golf charters into business and personal travel as well. does not own nor operate aircraft nor are we charter brokers. We collect no fees for charter trips booked. We are however, developing a network of professional air charter carriers all across North America who have found that our program is a very efficient and economical tool in increasing their share of the charter market. If you are a air charter provider, please contact me to learn how you can become part of our GolfJets Air Charter Network.

Advertising Opportunities for Air Charter Services

If your company operates an Air Charter Service we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with details on our various marketing and lead generation programs. We do not offer a "one size fits all" advertising program and look forward to providing you with a summary of our audience profile and discussing how we may be able to assist you in reaching your target market. We offer marketing and lead generation programs that provide full coverage exposure starting at $50 per month - so you do not need a large advertising budget to work with us.

Please feel free to contact me directly to request further details: