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Discover How The GolfJets Charter Flight Network Can Not Only Add Hours or Days To Your Vacation - But Will increase Business Travel productivity As Well
Business Aviation is 5 Productivity Tools In One
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The Charter Flight Network & Business Aviation

If you have been considering alternatives to scheduled airlines, for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business travel - the following information on the use of charter aircraft may help you make an informed decision.
An Entirely New Dynamic For Your Business and Your Business Travel

Webster's Dictonary describes "Dynamic" as something that is Aggressive, Effective, Energetic, Powerful and Productive!

The men and women behind many of today's leading corporations share many of these dynamic personality traits. They are visionaries who have set high corporate standards and refuse to compromise. Their aggressive drive is the catalyst for high levels of productivity and success. They share an ability to visualize new challenges and effectively energize the right people to complete the tasks.

They also share a recognition that time and people are a company's most valuable resource, requiring careful and responsible management. In fact, a recent survey of North America's top executives, clearly identifites effective management of time and people as one of the largest contributors to corporate productivity and success.

In order to effectively manage this resource, business leaders must be prepared to accept new ideas, new technology and new business incentives designed to maintain the momentum of progress and growth.

Business Aviation Recognized As a Valuable Time & Human Resource Management Tool

Many of today's successful corporate leaders have recognized business aviation to be one of the most effective time and human resource management tools available today. They have discovered that when used properly, business aviation adds new dynamics to their company by allowing them to not only manage time and human resources more effectively, but to also expand their customer base both nationally and internationally, increase sales and win international contracts, build customer loyalty, attract and maintain key sales and management staff and increase company efficiency and profitability by as much as 20% each year.

The ability to visualize new opportunities for long term growth is a natural intinct for many of today's successful business leaders. With that ability comes the responsibility to energize the right people to accept new challenges and goals. When those new opportunities are several hundred miles away from home, achieving pre determined sales and productivity goals can be an extremely challenging task, which requires efficient and effective scheduling and planning.

Successful leadership looks beyond the problems of simply moving people between points A and B. They determine the travel options with the most significant long term benefits to the the company / to the customer and to the employees.

For example: When determining travel options, the most significant benefits to the company to be considered are:

  1. Maximizing Profits
  2. Increasing Customer Base
  3. Maximizing En Route Productivity
  4. Industrial Security
  5. Projecting a Positive Corporate Image

The most significant long term benefits to the Customer to be considered are:

  1. Enhancing After Sales Service and Product Support
  2. Reducing Down Time

The most significant long term benefits to the employee to be considered:

  1. Maximizing personal safety and peace of mind while traveling
  2. Minimizing non business hours away from home
  3. Reducing travel and post travel fatigue
Business Aviation Provides The Solutions
Companies both large and small throughout North America have discovered that a well managed Business Aviation Program is the only travel option that addresses each and every one of these long term benefits. They have discovered that corporate charter flights are not a business perk, but a business tool that allows their company to maintain a focused momentum towards long term growth.
Five Business Tools In One

Companies who have successfully implemented a business aviation program have discovered that using charter aircraft for business travel is not just one business tool, but rather - five business tools in one.

  1. A Sales Tool
  2. A Customer Support Tool
  3. A Time Management Tool
  4. A Financial Management Tool
  5. A Human Resource Tool

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