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If you have a golf course, a golf product or retail outlet, you offer golf training - or any product or service connected to the golf industry - we will be pleased to provide a free listing with a link back to your website - all at no charge!

Marketing Opportunity currently offers marketing programs that can be tailored to meet your specific demographic requirements. Our individual programs will be of specific interest to companies in the following industries: reaches a very specific market comprised primarily of business executives, professionals and individuals who travel frequently for business and vacation. Although our website visitors come from various walks of life - the one thing they all have in common is the enjoyment of golf.

The main theme of our website is the promotion of Golfer Friendly Charter Flights to destinations across Canada, USA, Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean. We have found that a large percentage of golfers are hesitant to plan distant golf vacations due to the hassles of transporting their clubs through crowded airport terminals, high cost of excess baggage fees and the fear of having clubs lost en route - or the high cost of renting clubs on site.

We demonstrate how Comfortable, Convenient and Affordable it is for a group of golfers to fly Golfer Friendly Charter flights direct to their destination. For example a group of 4 golfers can split the air charter costs and in many cases wind up spending less than they would with scheduled airlines. Since a large percentage of our audience are executives, business owners and high net worth individuals we find that many of them are expanding their use of these golf charters into business and personal travel as well. does not own nor operate aircraft nor are we charter brokers. We collect no fees for charter trips booked. We are however, developing a network of professional air charter carriers all across North America who have found that our program is a very efficient and economical tool in increasing their share of the charter market. If you are a air charter provider, please contact me to learn how you can become part of our GolfJets Air Charter Network.

We do not offer a "one size fits all" advertising program and would very much appreciate the opportunity of providing you with a summary of our audience profile and discussing how we may be able to assist you in reaching your target market. We offer programs that provide full coverage exposure starting at $50 per month - so you do not need a large advertising budget to work with us.

Please feel free to contact me directly to request further details: